Too many bad beats

Too many bad beats  


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19/11/2018 4:23 pm  

I played every type of game cash,zoom,SnG, tourney.. but everywhere  I get busted on good cards with bad beats, like when there is no straight draw on flop and beaten by straight.
No flush draw on flop and beaten by a flush
Got full house on turn and beaten by full house on river.
Everywhere i am playing I try to be patient and play a good game. 

My bankroll is falling, what should i do.
I don't think that i am on tilt.
But i became very aggressive when i have a good hand. Is this the problem?
When ever i play in a SNG and MTT I want to double up if i have a strong hand like set or flush ..full house.. but all these are beaten by a worse player with worse cards.