How do you guys do ...

How do you guys do it?  


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23/11/2018 1:12 pm  

Sorry if it seems like a daft question but i don't understand what i'm doing wrong, i spend lots of time studying but i'm so unlucky when i play.

Like just now i flop a 9 high flush, i play it so 3 of us end up going all in and someone wins it with a back door full house. 

I just seem to keep getting outdrawn or ever so narrowly beaten like i have a Q kicker and they have a K kicker. Is there some secret to winning i don't know about? 

People keep saying 'play the way you do and you'll win in the long run I've been playing for a year and still losing to getting outdrawn in big pots or ever so narrowly beaten.

Has anyone else experienced this and ended up a winning player or is it just time to give up?

There's only so many bad beats a person can take